Wrong Turns in the Churchyard!

In the afternoon of Wednesday 27th December, someone drove into Tutbury St. Mary’s Churchyard  looking for ‘a car park behind the church’ which of course does not exist.  They were checking out the ‘car park’ ready for Peter Farmer’s funeral on the Thursday.  The confusion was probably caused by the fact that car parking for the funeral was at the Castle car park and someone must have described it as ‘behind the church’.

Unfortunately, the driver of the car took a wrong turning in the Churchyard and ended up driving down a footpath near to the cremation internments, ending up doing a U-turn at the end of the path; unfortunately with the soft ground there was a lot of wheel spin and consequent damage to the grass.

It would be appreciated if the person concerned would contact one of the Church Wardens – details on the Contacts page.