Volunteering and Helping

First, a big thank you to all the people who do volunteer and have volunteered at St. Mary’s Priory Church – it is very much appreciated – but we always need more people to help.

Second, you can be of any faith or none – many of us are not religious but we volunteer because we love the Church building and its 930-year history, the Churchyard and enjoy the friendship of the community at St. Mary’s.

In Church

We need volunteers for three activities at St. Mary’s –

Or come along to Saturday morning Priory Pantry and talk to someone.

In the Churchyard

Care for a Square.  The rose beds on the east/west path are cared for by individuals – can you care for one?  Half an hour once a fortnight should keep a square looking neat  – contact Roger Sharp if you would like to Care for a Square.

Grass Cutting.  St. Mary’s always need help with the grass cutting.  St Mary’s is responsible for the areas to the North and East of the Church, areas to the South and West are the responsibility of the Parish Council.

  • If you are just looking after the area around specific graves, then please do so as and when it is convenient (taking note of the quiet times mentioned below).

  • If you would like to help with general grass cutting in the Churchyard, then please contact Roger Sharp so that the activities can be co-ordinated with other volunteers, both local and from Sudbury, and that we target the most important areas. 

  • It is also essential to make sure that services are not interrupted by noise, so Sunday morning (10am to 11:30am) and Wednesday (10:30 am to 11am) should be avoided as should baptisms (usually 12:00 Sunday’s) funerals and weddings – check the Priory Diary if in doubt.

  • If you are using a strimmer, you must wear appropriate clothing including eye protection, sturdy shoes, gloves, ear defenders for petrol strimmers and generally sturdy clothing.

  • Beware of “Strimmer’s Rash” – this is most commonly caused by the sap from Cow Parsley getting on the skin, particularly in sunlight

  • Be very careful of unauthorised objects left on or near graves such as pots, ceramics, plastics, toys or glass jars that people have left on graves – if touched by a strimmer they can shatter or fly off and cause serious injury to you or people nearby.. 

  • Please watch out for dog mess that has not been picked up – if touched by a strimmer it can have very unpleasant consequences (you may have to go home and take a shower!).

  • If you are not using a strimmer but working near to someone who is, please wear eye protection – stones, pebbles and grit thrown up by strimmers can damage your eyes

  • If working alone, please make sure that someone knows where you have gone and you have your mobile phone with you!!

  • Wherever you are working, watch your footing – the ground is uneven everywhere

  • And finally, you are responsible for your own safety – enjoy your volunteering!

If you are volunteering on a Saturday morning, do not forget to visit the Priory Pantry, 10-12 – cake, tea and coffee – just what you need to boost your energy!

If you have any problems or see something untoward, please contact Roger.


Thank you for your help but please take care when working in the Churchyard, especially on slopes and steps.

“In this life,
You can choose to be negative or you can choose to do nothing or you can choose to do something

     It is your choice
          We choose to do something”