Covid-19 – Latest Service and Opening Times

The following information was provided by the Rev Phyllis Bainbridge on the 30th November 2020 – for further information please contact one of the Primary Contacts listed.

Dear Friends

Welcome to Advent

Our churches are permitted to open again for public worship after 2 December.   In fact our Bishop is expecting us all to be open on Sunday 6 December, Advent 2.

The guidelines state that there has to be the provision of Holy Communion in one parish within a benefice.  At the moment we think we can maintain our service pattern and especially in Rolleston, a communion service morning or evening EVERY Sunday.  

I was very sad yesterday, Advent Sunday, to have an online service only, and esp when it should have been a benefice communion service.

We are therefore having  a sort of rerun of Advent Sunday, in Rolleston church at 11am on Thursday 3 December.   It will NOT be on facebook.  Sunday’s service is still on Facebook.  We will be using the liturgy of Advent Sunday, Common worship with Eucharistic Prayer D.   It is likely to be a said service as Jim has an meeting he is unable to change.

It would be great to see people from all 3 churches, all 5 congregations, worshipping together.  We are totally COVID aware and compliant

On our Sundays in December there will be changes in the service pattern to allow for the non-eucharist services eg Christingles and lessons and carols, the latter will be based on 5 lessons, not 9 this year – see below.   The services have been discussed and agreed in our standing committees and PCCs.   

Sunday 6 December.

8am BCP HC (Rolleston) then 9.15am Rolleston (CW HC).    11.15am.  *Anslow (CW HC).    10am Tutbury W4A (worship for all), holy Communion. 6.30pm BCP Evensong Rolleston

Sunday 13 December

9.15am Christingle in Rolleston,     11.15am  BCP HC in *Anslow,   10am. CW HC in Tutbury,  4pm Christingle in Tutbury,  6.30pm BCP HC in Rolleston

Sunday 20 December

9.15am.  CW HC in Rolleston,    11.15am. Nativity service in Anslow*,    10am.  CW HC in Tutbury.     

4pm 5 lessons and carols in Tutbury       AND 6.30pm 5 lessons and carols in Rolleston

NB we are allowed a limited number of people to form a socially -distanced choir.

Thursday 24 December.  Probably a short crib service (inside or outside) in Rolleston at 3pm  and  Holy Communion at 11pm in Tutbury

Friday 25 December.  10am child- friendly, benefice Holy Communion in Rolleston

Sunday 27 December  10am       Benefice Holy Communion in Rolleston

For services in colour, these are booked able in advance to Verity (Rolleston) Joycelyn (Tutbury) or Ann (anslow)

I suspect there may be seats left at each service but this cannot be guaranteed.   

The guidelines are still changing almost daily.  If there is a change from the above, we will let you know.  

* there may be changes to Anslow pattern in December and January.  

Yours, in my prayers,