Tutbury’s Beautiful Churchyard is Open – But it will get overgrown

St. Mary’s Churchyard in Tutbury is looking beautiful in the lovely sunny weather – very spring like even though the rest of the world seems less so, and like other public spaces remains open – just remember the safe-distancing rules!  You can just go for a walk or go and tend the grave of a loved one.

It is worth noting however that Covid-19 will be having its effect in the Churchyard as elsewhere – there is no one to cut the grass this year. The Sudbury volunteer is not allowed to come and almost everyone else is in self-isolation and should not go out anyway.
The grass will grow quickly everywhere after this wet winter and even the paths will become overgrown.

After this is all over, we will need everyone who is willing to volunteer a bit of their time to help get the churchyard back to normal. As volunteers for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, Jane and I will be there to find and tidy the seven war graves.

We look forward to seeing other volunteers.

Stay safe – see you on the other side😉