This is a bit long, but there are a number of people to thank, two in particular at beginning and end.

You may have noticed that during the pandemic we have not been able to keep all of the grass cut in the Churchyard.  We normally rely mainly on volunteers from Sudbury Open Prison but due to the pandemic there have been no day‑releases from Sudbury this year.

Therefore we would very much like to publicly thank those who have been keeping parts of the Churchyard looking good.

War Memorial and path by the South Door – kept beautiful by two young volunteers, the twins Amy and Bethany who not only mow the grass in a manner fitting for a War Memorial, but one of them saved up her own money to buy an electric mower!  Thank you, Amy and Bethany!

New burial area (Castle end) – kept trimmed weekly for many years by Norman & Pat – thank you both!

Someone has been working on the first part of the Churchyard to the east (right) of the path to the top of the Churchyard – we would love to know who it is – thank you whoever you are!

Roger Sharp, and his grandson Sam who has been helping him strim the bank opposite the West Door – thank you Roger & Sam!

All those who have been able to get out during the pandemic and ‘Care for a Square’ – thank you ‘Squarers’!

All those who have been able to keep the areas around their loved one’s graves tidy – thank you!

Hopefully, there will be a vaccine at some point and we will get Sudbury volunteers back next year and with a lot of hard work return the Churchyard to its former tidiness.

In the meantime, if YOU could help keep part of the Churchyard tidy, just contact Roger Sharp via the website and let him know how you want to help – we would be very grateful.

And back to where we started – St. Mary’s would like to say Thank You Bethany and Amy for setting an example to us all.