Remembrance Wreaths Removal/Wreath Laying

Removal of Wreaths.  In line with the policy of St. Mary’s PCC, the 2017 Remembrance Wreaths and Remembrance Crosses will be removed from the Wreath Holders and War Graves on Sunday 30th September, leaving the Wreath Holders and War Memorial clear until Remembrance Sunday; unfortunately, there is no way of recycling the materials.

Paving.  Between Wed 17th and Wed 24th October, NJB Construction will lay paving around/under the Wreath Holders and rebuild the sunken grass areas around the War Memorial ready for the standard bearers on Remembrance Sunday  time).  

Wreath laying.  Remembrance Sunday – Remembrance Wreaths and Crosses will be laid as usual on the War Memorial and left for 7-10 days before being moved to the Wreath Holders.  This period will shorten if the weather is windy and the Wreaths blow off the Memorial.  Note that we have capacity for 16 Wreaths on the front of the Wreath Holders and a further 16 Wreaths on the back plus 24 Remembrance Crosses.