Covid-19 Services

The following text is provided by the Rev Phyllis Bainbridge – if you have any queries please contact her via the Contacts page.

Dear Friends

In line with the Government lifting restrictions and the Church of England national guidelines re churches reopening for Public worship from 4 July, our 3 ART standing committees have prayerfully considered the way ahead for our benefice.  Our PCCs has been consulted too.  Due to the different resources and situations of each church, the following decisions have been taken with regard to re-opening.

  • Rolleston – on Sunday 5 July,  9.30am. Common Worship Holy Communion AND  6.30pm Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion.  The building will be cleaned between the 2 services.
  • Tutbury – on Sunday 19 July,  10am.  Common Worship Holy Communion.
  • Anslow – on Sunday 2 August, 11.15am.  Common Worship Holy Communion.

I (Phyllis)  will lead, preach and preside for all 3 first re-opening services.

Procedures are in place regarding hand sanitising stations, and social distance seating.  

One-way routes have been practiced in the buildings and standing committee members will act as sides people for the first few services on re-opening.  

Contact and trace cards will be available to register attendance.  

The seating is arranged as 2 people or one household every second pew, and please sit at a green dot.  Closed pews are marked with barrier tape.  

Face masks are optional not mandatory. 

Unnecessary fabrics and books have been removed or marked off.  

We will be having single-use paper orders of service.   The services will be said.  

Our organists will be playing at certain points in the service to facilitate worship and reflection.  

Communion.  I (and later other clergy) will preside and will distribute communion, in one kind only from the chancel step or in the nave.   Communicants will remain standing.  The clergy will wear a mask during distribution as they will be unable to maintain 2 metres distance at this point of the service. Please feel free to not take communion if you do not feel safe.  

When you feel safe to attend

We totally accept than many in our congregations are in vulnerable health or age groups.   We do not want anyone to feel pressurised to attend church on Sundays until they feel safe to do soThe standing committees have done all they can in line with nationally advised risk assessments for our Sunday services to resume.    

We also intend that Zoom and Facebook live services will continue.  The link details will be sent on Saturday by email as usual.  We are in the process of arranging for a 4G network into each church to allow live streaming of the service.  

Questions and Concerns

Please if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate phone me (Phyllis) on

01283 814802, or email,  or one of the wardens or Standing committee members.  

We look forward to worshipping together again, physically or continuing spiritually at a distance.  

You remain in my thoughts and prayers,


Rector of the ART benefice:  Anslow, Rolleston and Tutbury 

on behalf of the 3 standing committees and PCCs.                     

Dated Friday 3 July 2020