Wreath Holders Installed

The War Memorial at St. Mary’s Priory Church was conserved in 2015/16, culminating in the Rededication Service on 1st July 2016, the centenary of the first day of the Battle of the Somme, when seven men from the village were killed.

The War Memorials Trust, who provided a large grant towards the conservation, recommends that Remembrance Wreaths are not left on War Memorials as they increase the growth of lichen and moss and cause staining.

In December 2014 an experimental device was made to determine the key elements of a design for a Wreath Holder.  Subsequently a design was created by the Tutbury War Memorials Preservation Committee and after various diversions along the way, permission obtained to build and install two Wreath Holders in the vicinity of the War Memorial.  The Wreath Holders, made by Dragon Forge with generous financial support from British Gypsum, have now been installed some three years after the initial experiment.

The twenty Remembrance Wreaths from the 2017 Remembrance Service have now been attached to the Wreath Holders as well as the Remembrance Crosses.  The policy at St. Mary’s is to leave the Wreaths on the Memorial for one to two weeks after Remembrance Sunday and then put them on the Wreath Holders until October 1st the following year. 

The Wreath Holders have a capacity for 16 Wreaths on the front and a similar number on the back.  They can also hold 24 Remembrance Crosses.

Pictures of the Wreath Holders can be seen below – click on the pictures for a larger image – forward and backward arrows at the bottom of the screen – the second photo shows Euan, Jamie, Davy and Cathy of Dragon Forge who made and installed the Wreath Holders.

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