The Lichfield Diocese approved the St. Mary’s Parochial Church Council’s proposal to install new lighting in the nave and chancel.  This has now been completed and the effect is excellent – when the Covid-19 situation ends you must come and look, particularly the lighting of the beautiful roof. 

The old lighting was almost 60 years old and the lighting elements were no longer manufactured – when they break as many did, there was no replacement.  People had difficulty reading hymn books and prayer books and the new lighting had brought a great improvement.  A dimming facility is  included so that lights can be dimmed as and when required, or when just a section of the church needs to be lit.  Running costs will be a lot lower as the new fittings will be LED rather than the oldhalogen.

The cost was £26,886 (excl. VAT) and at present we have approximately £7,500 towards this consisting of funds from the Friends of St. Mary’s, Burton Consolidated Charities and other personal donations leaving some £19,400 to be raised from grants and donations.  VAT of around £5,377 should be able to be reclaimed.