CoPAA Progress

We have now received the Condition Survey from Hirst Conservation – 155 pages long.

It can be read:

FP-020 Tutbury Condition Report March 2018 revised – Part I (46 pages)

FP-021 Tutbury Condition Report March 2018 revised – Part II (Appendices)  (110 pages)

The specifications for the proposed work can be read in:

FP-030 Hirst Cover Letter and Quote

FP-031 Kilgour Quote RN3 060418

FP-032 Russell Geomatics_Tutbury St Mary’s West Door Arch – Schedule of survey costs 23.04.18


The latest CoPAA progress and status report can be read at:-

2018 04 01 CoPAA Status Report – End March 2018

Earlier Status Reports can be found below:

2018 01 03 CoPAA Status Report – January 2018

2017 12 04 CoPAA Status Report – December 2017

If you have any queries about the project please contact ku.oc1532316301.skci1532316301rdna@1532316301aapoc1532316301