Metallic confetti in the Churchyard

Apologies to everyone who walks through the Churchyard and sees metallic confetti on the ground.  Unfortunately at the wedding last weekend someone used non-biodegradable confetti specifically against the request of the Church.  Two people had to spend an hour on Saturday afternoon cleaning up as much confetti as possible but those who have seen it … [Read more…]

CoPAA Grant from ChurchCare

CoPAA, Conservation of the Priory Alabaster Arch, are pleased to announce that our grant application to ChurchCare, the grant making arm of the Church of England, has been successful. They have awarded us £10,000: This is a number only previously reached by the very generous British Gypsum contribution It is a massive statement of confidence … [Read more…]

CoPAA Gets the Go-Ahead

Yesterday, the Lichfield Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) approved our request to go ahead with the work to Conserve the Priory Alabaster Arch (CoPAA).  It is hoped that the work will commence in August 2018 and complete in October – during the work the West Door area of St. Mary’s will have scaffolding over it and … [Read more…]

“Care for a Square”

Would you like to help keep your churchyard tidy and attractive by offering to “Care for a Square“. It would only take about half an hour every 2 or 3 weeks. The squares are small (2 ft * 2 ft) flower beds either side of the path through the church .  Most of the squares contain a rose.  You can … [Read more…]

Dog fouling in the churchyard

There have been more incidents lately of people not ‘picking-up’ after their dogs when walking in the churchyard.  As well as being illegal, this can have very unpleasant consequences for volunteers cutting and strimming the grass. Please pick up after you pet – if you see someone not picking-up, please ask them to