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Thursday  31/12/2020 18:12

Dear Friends

I hope you are keeping well and safe.

In the light of our area now being in Tier 4, the leaders have been discussing and praying what to do.

It is my responsibility to lead our congregations under the Bishop’s authority.  The clear view of the National leaders and our local Bishop is that churches may remain open for public worship and are safe places as long as we adhere to the guidelines, although acknowledging the fears in Tier 4 and also giving us the option to close.

In view of the increased transmissibility of the new variant we are tightening up procedures slightly in that, as well as coming to communion row by row, worshippers will leave row by row with no movement around the building, except for communion, will be permitted.

It is my responsibility to lead our congregations in Word and Sacrament and as such, we will continue to live stream services EVERY Sunday on zoom and on facebook.

I am aware that some people feel very vulnerable in terms of their age and health and have decided NOT to attend service in our building for the next few week.

That is a perfectly acceptable choice.  Anslow church congregation have decided to close and review at the end of January.   

However, if you feel safe to attend Tutbury or Roleston churches, then you are invited to attend our live Sunday services IN those buildings.   

See rota below for the January service plan.  See also the liturgy for our online communion services which included a prayer of Spiritual Communion.   We will email the Sunday details as per usual.

Tutbury Church will be open for private prayer on Saturday mornings only at 11am, but no this Saturday..   

We will not open on Wednesdays.  We have suspended Wednesday BCP communion services.

  My view is that with a few tweaks of our procedures, our buildings are as safe as they can be.  

The tweaks will include

  • encouraging everyone wears a mask covering their nose and mouth when inside the building
  • maintain 2 metre distancing when entering and leaving the building.
  • To facilitate safe leaving the building, this will be by rows rather than a free-for-all.
  • one person only in the vestry or kitchen at a time
  • Communicants to wear their mask to receive the bread and remove it to consume when away from the open bread.  
  • Suspend the choirs again for at least the next 2 months 





Rolleston 9.15am


Tutbury 10am

Rolleston 6.30pm

3 Jan


Isaiah 60:1-6

Matt 2: 1-12


BCP HC. cancelled

CW HC.        Dave

CW HC  cancelled


 (FB) Phyllis


Phyllis leading and David B preaching

10 Jan

Genesis 1:1-5 Mark 1:4-11

Baptism of Christ

CW HC  (FB) Phyllis

BCP HC cancelled

CW HC  cancelled

Evensong    cancelled

17 Jan

1 Samuel 3:1-10John 1:43 – 51

Phyllis on Holiday

CW MP   cancelled

BCP MP cancelled

CW HC (FB) Dave


24 Jan

Revelation 19:6-10 John 2:1-11


CW HC       Phyllis / Dave

“W4A. cancelled

CW HC.  cancelled

Evensong    cancelled

31 Jan Candlemas

Malachi 3:1-5 Luke 2:22-40




Benefice Service. in Tutbury 10am

BCP HC.         Phyllis

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me by email or phone 01283 814802.

May I wish you a very Happy New year.

Yours, in my prayers,  


01283 814 802

Revd Phyllis Bainbridge