Giving as Worship

Dear Friends,

I hope you are well, and I assure you of my thoughts and prayers.

Had Lent continued “normally”, this was a topic I was going to raise in each of our churches in a Sunday sermon.  Lent is the traditional time to reflect on our prayer, fasting and giving.   

Sadly, as our church buildings are closed, this matter has become important to discuss now as highlighted to me 10 days ago by our treasurers.  We still have to pay our parish share, heating (on maintenance levels only), insurance and electricity standing orders.  Our churches are struggling financially, and we appeal to our congregations to consider the ways we give for now and in the future please.

Our expenditure as churches is in 3 broad areas:

  1. Parish share – for clergy and housing expenses, part towards diocese funding and future ministry costs e.g. training including curates.

I assure you that I am continuing to work during this time of lockdown!   

  1. Our Church buildings and churchyards
  2. Mission and ministry (our activities)

Our weekly running costs to run our churches, in all 3 categories, are £1500 for Tutbury, £1200 for Rolleston and £400 for Anslow. 

Our income in “normal circumstances”, in broad headings, comes from

Regular giving from the congregations, with Gift Aid scheme tax back payments

Fundraising in our communities

Special project” fundraising

Fees to PCC for

Funerals – varies from £91 – £396 depending on what type of funeral is requested

Weddings  – £294 per wedding (we did have 17 weddings booked for 2020.  Most have postponed).  

NB for funerals and weddings a separate fee is payable to the diocese.

Bequests and gifts

Whilst parishioners have been generous with their giving on a weekly or monthly basis, with no services, at the moment, the only income being received is from a repayment of tax through the Gift Aid Scheme (received quarterly) and people who have a direct debit to the Church bank accounts.  As all weddings have been postponed for the foreseeable future, no fees are being received either.

The Biblical and Christian principles are that the work of God is supported by the people of God in both regular giving and in Thank Offerings for special festivals and occasions.  This is part of our worship eg “we love because God first loved us”.  We give because God first gave to us.   We appeal to all our congregations, please, to continue to give to the work of God in our local churches. 

It would greatly help the church finances if you are able to place your weekly giving

  • in either the (printed) blue or white envelope, if you belong to the Gift Aid scheme,
  • a plain envelope, if you usually make your donation in cash (there is no need to give your name). For Rolleston please drop them through Carol Webster’s door and if Tutbury, through Margaret Pyle’s door, then weekly the usual counting and banking will happen. 
  • giving by cheque – see overleaf
  • OR by setting up a weekly or monthly direct debit with your bank, please.

The church bank account details are as follows:

Anslow:        Account no.    01542036   Sort code: 30-91-47

Rolleston:     Account no.    10058121   Sort code: 16-14-70

Tutbury         Account no:    02541335   Sort code: 30-91-47

If you would prefer to send a cheque, then the addresses are below

Anslow:       payable to “PCC Anslow”

           and post to Mr Barry Snaith, Hollybank, Main Street, Anslow,
D13 9QD

Rolleston     payable to “PCC of St Mary’s, Rolleston”

           and post to Mrs Carol Webster, 26 The Lawns, Rolleston on Dove, DE13 9DB

Tutbury       payable to ‘PCC of Tutbury St. Mary’s, ‘

           and post to Mrs J Collison, 163 Station Road, Hatton, Derby. DE65 5EJ.

Any help you are able to give in these difficult times would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

yours, on behalf of our 3 churches,