Churchyard Burials

After a number of years of uncertainty and after consultation with Tutbury Parish Council and the Diocesan Authorities the Church Council of Tutbury Priory Church has managed to secure permission for further burial space within the Churchyard of Tutbury in the older parts of the churchyard where there are no known memorials. 

The present ‘new’ churchyard has up to about another five years of burial space, but further space elsewhere should allow for approximately fifteen years of burials to continue in Tutbury.  Whilst in the present ‘new’ churchyard burial spaces can be reserved it has been agreed that this will not be the case in other areas of the Churchyard. 

With this there is the reminder to anyone who has a grave space within the Tutbury Churchyard that whilst authorised erected memorials remain the ownership of the family and individual, the actual burial plot does not, the land remains in the ownership of the Church of England, with their (or Lichfield Diocese) regulations  being upheld by the incumbent and PCC.

For further information or clarification please contact the Vicar, Rev Ian Whitehead or Margaret Pyle and Jackie Benstead the Churchwardens of Tutbury Priory Church.