Diocese of Lichfield

The ART churchyards: 

Anslow, Rolleston and Tutbury

We invite our communities to share in the care for our churchyards, which are places of serenity for those who are grieving, quiet spaces to reflect and havens for memories.

We continue to care for the bereaved, for those who visit and for those who maintain the Churchyards and dig the graves. 

The church portion of the funeral fee (£306 for a grave or £124 for burial of ashes) is a one-off fee towards churchyard maintenance. 

It does not buy the grave.   

The local Churches receive no grants from the government or Diocese to maintain our buildings or Churchyards.  We are totally dependent on donations of time and money.  Sadly, there have been several incidences recently where volunteers have been injured by broken glass, plastic, pebbles and ceramics. 

Therefore, between March and May 2021, we will be restoring the

3 local churchyards to diocesan guidelines which are a compromise between the uniformity of a military cemetery and a “free-for-all” expression of grief. 

New headstones are to comply with the diocesan guidelines for colour, shape, size, fonts and inscriptions.  See below.

We welcome

  • Fresh cut flowers placed in a vase receptacle within the headstone base. Locally, we permit up to 2 vases.
  • Spring bulbs planted within 30 cm of the headstone.
  • Where there is no headstone, one removable flower container (not glass) may be used, which must be completely sunk into the ground adjacent to the memorial cross.

May we remind everyone that the following are not permitted in Churchyards:

  • Edgings, pebbles, slate or stone chippings on graves
  • Planting of trees, shrubs or other plants on graves
  • Free standing vases, troughs, or planters.
  • Plastic vases can be dug in, level to the ground beside the headstone.
  • Anything fabric, paper, card, glass, plastic or ceramic on the grave or headstone.

The Church reserves the right to remove withered or faded flowers at any time, and to remove burial, anniversary or seasonal wreaths and arrangements at 4 weeks of the occasion. 

The burial of a loved one or their ashes in a churchyard, and subsequent permission for a headstone carries with it the agreement to adhere to the Churchyard Regulations.  

We therefore invite families to work on their loved one’s graves restoring them to the guidelines by Easter, 4 April 2021 please.  

Thank you.

For further information please contact the Rector, Revd Phyllis Bainbridge on 01283 814802 or revdphyllisbainbridge@gmail.com or the churchwardens – see the church notice boards. 

The current guidelines for how Churchyards are managed can be found at  https://www.lichfield.anglican.org/registry/guidance-on-churches-and-churchyards/general-information-about-churchyards/

We appreciate your involvement and commitment to keeping our Churchyards as special, significant and safe as possible.

Thank you.

NB: Headstone size

Any new upright memorial stone is to be within the following

Height:      No more than 1220mm (4’) nor less than 762mm (2’6”)

Width:       No more than 915mm (3’) nor less than 510mm (1’8”)

Thickness:  No more than 152mm (6”) nor less than 76mm

Colour:      Mid or Light Gray Granite or slate, with white or black font.