Benefice Service at Tutbury and Afternoon Social at Tutbury – Sunday 30th August


The standing committees of our 3 churches, and clergy invite you to our Benefice service on Sunday 30 August at 10am in the Priory church of St Mary’s Tutbury.  Phyllis will be leading and presiding, Revd Dave will be preaching.   

To comply with social distancing and large gatherings, we request that you sign up to attend the service please.  Judith Collison and Joycelyn Hickman are going to oversee the seating plan.

For ease of planning, we are suggesting that people from Tutbury and Anslow churches book the north aisle of the church ie the odd numbers pews, and the Rolleston 2 congregations have the south aisle ie even numbered pews.

We are permitted to have with one household or 2 people (A and B) per pew please.  

First come first served.  We are sorry but we cannot guarantee you will be allocated your first choice of seat.  

Judith‘s phone number is 813 994.  Joycelyn’s phone number is 299 157


On 5th Sunday evenings in normal times, we were intending to have a social of some sort to increase relationships between our churches.  

On this occasion (30th August), we are permitted to have an indoor concert.  Roger has agreed to play for about 50 minutes. Sunday 30 August, at 4pm, again in Tutbury Church.  

We suggest a ticket price of at least £5 which will go towards church finds.  Again you will need to book your ticket with Judith or Joycelyn, please.  

Masks will have to be worn inside the building, please.

Judith – 813 994
Joycelyn – 299 157