Renewal of Old Buildings

St. Mary’s Priory Church, Tutbury, was started in 1080 and completed circa 1160; most of the Church is over 930 years old and much of the rest that is younger is over 150 years old.

This means that parts of the building and its infrastructure wear out and have to be lovingly repaired or replaced.

The consequence of this is that when you visit St. Mary’s either for a ceremony, an event or just as a casual visitor, not all parts may be accessible and not all parts may look as they should – repairs have to be done and often in the warmer weather (frost and mortar do not mix well).  The work may also have to be scheduled at short notice and we may not be able to give much warning; timing can often be governed by the by the availability of funds or the Faculty (Church planning permission).

So please accept our apologies in advance if there are parts of the Church that you cannot see or areas that you cannot access or entrances that you cannot use when you arrive. 

Every 5 years there is an official Quinquennial Inspection by the Church Architect that will identify work that needs doing.  Work that we know will be done is the Lighting Project and South Door Easy Access; there will be other works that we do not know of yet and that may occur at short notice. 

Thank you for you patience.