New Website

This is the new website for St. Mary’s Priory Church, Tutbury.

Due to technical problems with the old website, we have had to build a new website at this new address – please bookmark this new home page although we hope to move back to the old address next year. 

Not all the pages of the old website have yet been converted to the new website but the key pages converted are shown below just click on an item to go to the page – make sure you scroll down to the bottom. 


  • The website has an improved calendar, the Priory Diary, which it is hoped will include all events, services, funerals and weddings, etc. that the web master is told about – use the categories filter to see the events that you are interested in.

  • There is also an improved News blog which hopefully can be updated more effectively than before (NiPS will be found in News).

  • Most pages have a sidebar on the right which has

    • a Search panel at the top which will search the website

    • a shortened list of the calendar – use the “visit calendar” button at the bottom of the list to get top the full calendar

    • a full list of website pages at the bottom