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Tutbury Day Weekend – 18th-19th August!

Join us to celebrate 930 years since the Consecration of the Priory Church of St. Mary, Tutbury in 1089.

The list of events can be found here – we hope you can join us on at least one of the days if only for some coffee and cake, lunch or afternoon tea (and try to see the video of the 1924 Tutbury Pageant with its accompanying leaflet) or have a tour explaining some of history of the Church (why did the 6th Earl of Derby attack his own Priory and where did the Queen get all her money from?).

Remember, when it is raining outside, it is dry inside the Church!

St Mary’s Priory Church, Tutbury, is currently Interregnum until the appointment of a new Incumbent.

Please contact one of the Church Wardens for further information on the Interregnum or for general queries contact the Verger – please see the Contacts page.

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