The Churchyard Grows

As time passes under lock-down, some grass gets cut in the ‘new’ churchyard and around individual graves in the eastern section but most continues to grow as the pictures show.  The footpaths stay surprisingly clear and the bluebells are out – beautiful in the sunshine – see the picture gallery at Churchyard Pictures – click … [Read more…]

Giving as Worship

Dear Friends, I hope you are well, and I assure you of my thoughts and prayers. Had Lent continued “normally”, this was a topic I was going to raise in each of our churches in a Sunday sermon.  Lent is the traditional time to reflect on our prayer, fasting and giving.    Sadly, as our … [Read more…]

Services Online

As Churches are now closed, Rev Phyllis Bainbridge has started videoing short services and posting them on FaceBook – just logon to FaceBook and search for St. Mary’s Priory Church, Tutbury (note – there are two different pages – if you get the old one, try the other one. If you do not use FaceBook, … [Read more…]